Jiaxing Tongxiang City in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of Jiaxing Municipal Committee

  The eighth plenary session held in the Jiaxing Municipal Committee held recently, and Jiaxing was blown up from the corner of the co-ordination of urban and rural examples.

Can you continue to make persistent efforts, renewal, for the province, the national establishment of a new model of common prosperity, and the key is to implement it.

  Jiaxing Tongxiang is the world’s Internet conference for permanent landing and "three governance integration" origin, and also the economic market of Jiaxing, industry strong market, 上海移花宫交友论坛after years of development, it has accumulated a good foundation for the common prosperity.

On August 19th, Tongxiang City held a 12th full (expansion) meeting of the Municipal Party Committee, and implemented the spirit of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Jiaxing Municipal Committee, and systematic research and deployment consideration of high quality development and construction of the common prosperity demonstration area. Idea initiative. At the meeting, the review of the "Tongxiang strive to be high quality development and the construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone" 2021-2025) ". In the next five years, Tongxiang will firmly grasp the comprehensive leadership of the party, build a sharing, reform and innovation, system concept "five major work principles", and insist on meeting the growing beautiful life needs of the people. With the fundamental power of reform and innovation, solve the direction of the main development gap and income gap in urban and rural areas, which will promote the comprehensive prosperity of common prosperity and promote people. Development benchmark, high-level urban and rural integration development model, civilized harmonious and beautiful happiness and livable land, strive to be high quality development and construction of common prosperous demonstration zone model. How to show the posture of the draft soldiers, take out the action of the drain soldiers, promote the high-level national "Tong" enjoys the preliminary preliminary presentation? Tongxiang puts forward, to achieve modern development kinetic energy is more powerful, the income distribution pattern is more optimized, the public service system is more perfect, the urban and rural homage environment is more beautiful, the temperament of the windy and hometown is more highly high, the overall intelligence system is more efficient, the common wealth system mechanism is more robust goal Strive to work in the economic high quality development, rich people income, build a shared quality life, the whole domain beautiful large garden construction, the new era cultural civilization construction, the modernization of the social governance modernization, common prosperity reform, and other "seven aspects" is a good arms.

  In order to ensure the high quality advancement of the above target tasks, high standards are implemented, Tongxiang focused on the key difficulties of common prosperity, planning "eight actions", covering high quality development, high standard and rich income, high-quality urban and rural integration, high quality life Improve, high-quality cultural construction, high-level ecological civilization construction, high level overall intelligence, high-level party construction, etc.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is a "first trip" that is striving for the common prosperity of the Demonstration Zone. Tongxiang will close the need for Zhejiang, and the people can hope, the future, highlight demonstration, and ensure that it is In the forefront, strive to highlight Tongxiang as the construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone, make Tongxiang contribution, showing the wonderful Tongxiang. Specifically, Tongxiang should do the economic high quality development, the increasing income, balanced and coordinated development, the high-quality sharing of public service, the comprehensive improvement of cultural civilization, the modernization of the ecological construction, the county social governance, and the party building leads to the common prosperity.

  Implement common prosperity, fundamentally, and the key is coordinated.

Tongxiang will resolutely resolutely "no economy, no Tong Township", around "1 + 3 + 1 + X" represented by "Digital Economy + New Materials, New Manufacturing, New Fashion + Modern Service Industry + Future Industry" Industrial system, continuously improve the size quality, hierarchical level and status of Tongxiang Economy, ensuring high quality development levels to maintain the first square array of the core regional counties (cities, districts) of the long triangle, and continue to carry.

At the same time, further optimize the income distribution pattern, driving the size of the medium-income groups, continuous optimization of the structure, continuous improvement of life, basically forming an olive social structure of the medium income group as the main body.

  "As long as the people of the million Tong Tongxiang people, struggle, desperate, play the strongest sound of the business entrepreneurship, will create more fascinating, new, scraping, see ‘development performance, will be truly a common prosperity demonstration The district is a model city drain. "上海外卖服务自带工作室 Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Secretary said Qi Li believes in full.

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